It’s hard to feel any positive feeling about 2020 now, for obvious reasons.  I won’t mention everything that’s gone wrong with the past ten months – you can read all about that in just about any news source or social media post.  And yes, I’m in one of those businesses – travel - that has been profoundly affected by COVID-19.

But I am fortunate.  My family and I are financially secure, and we have all of our basic needs fulfilled. So even though we’ve had our emotional and psychological challenges like just about all of us have had, I realize that we have many reasons to be grateful in my family.

Last week was Thanksgiving week, so I’m hoping with this quick list post, you can also begin to see what is going right in your life and use this to inspire you to a better few days, holiday season and 2021.

My personal gratitude list

1.)   My home, my family, our cat

2.)   Our health and abundance

3.)   The U.S has a new President and hopefully a change in direction with the pandemic

4.)   My home-based business, my clients and my network of colleagues 

5.)   Friendships

6.)   Travel (of course!)

7.)   Being able to run, bike, ski, hike, play golf and tennis, practice yoga and gain strength

8.)   Getting a Peloton bike and finding a new way to stay fit and sane

9.)   My car

10.)  This blog

11.)  Photography

12.)  Local businesses

13.)  Going to Chicago, Seattle and northern California this year

14.)  My books and journals

15.)  The chance to enjoy good food, wine and beer

16.)  Sports

17.)  Sunny days

18.)  Snowy days

19.)  Having hope and optimism for a better future

20.)  Every day that we are above ground

There is plenty more things to feel gratitude for, but these are what’s most important in my life at the moment.  

What are you grateful for, especially now?