Why this blog?

As I've said before, I've had many iterations of my blog. It first started as a travel and knitting blog, because I was deep in that trend about 12 years ago. I still knit, but not nearly as much, and I haven't finished a major project (i.e. a sweater) in ages.

I've had several names for this blog: Janice's Words and Pictures, The CaliColorado Traveler, Uncommon Traveling. None of these names really fit who I was, and in some cases I listened to other people who thought one of these names would be best for branding. That may have been so, but my energy and belief weren't in them.

Now I've chosen the name, The Sansei Traveler, that I like best and fits the person and soul. Some people might have a hard time trying to figure out how to spell Sansei, but I'm willing to tolerate that inconvenience.

(Just so you know, it means third-generation, in particular a Japanese American like me, and it's pronounced SAHN-say)


An old photo of me, writing, at Higher Grounds coffee house in Golden

Choosing my own adventure

One thing I've really yet to do, and maybe one reason why my previous blogs haven't caught on, is because I need an identity. People now would call this a niche, and I can definitely go there. But I like to write about and photograph specific things - adventure, culinary, health and wellness - all in the context of travel. Every now and then, I'll mention sports, as I did last week. Yet I don't love it enough to specialize in it.

(I don't think Sansei Sports Fan would have caught on.)

Adventure hasn't always come naturally for me. I've struggled with weight all of my life, and even now I cannot eat what and when I want. Overeating still plagues my overall well-being and scale readings. Being active has helped me combat those problems, and if I can travel actively, I get the best of both worlds.

Whenever possible, I would love to hike, trek or bike at my destination. I would even kayak or do whitewater rafting or zipline if I had to. This simply gives more reason and justification for me to pursue my next passion.

In the kitchen and (I wish) at the spa

Undoubtedly if I had more time, I would be cooking more. I may not always complete every dish to chef-level perfection, but my skills are decent. I would also refine my gourmet sensibilities and try foods wherever I go, as I did in Germany and Japan.

The last personal fascination for me is health and wellness. That interest might directly contradict my second, but I live by balance. I don't want to deny what I can enjoy in life, so sometimes I need to bring some equanimity. Wellness practice accomplishes just that.

I meditate daily and practice yoga. I'm also starting to learn about eating more cleanly and adding more superfoods to my diet, as well as cut back on all those modern dietary enemies. That means less red meat, sugar, gluten, dairy and whatever else I'm supposed to avoid.

All of this and more will be part of my old-new blog, The Sansei Traveler. I hope you'll join me for it all, and have some good conversations along the way.