Episode 11 of The Sansei Traveler podcast is about the second area of my niche or specialty, culinary travel.

According to Food Travel Monitor, a global study from the World Food Travel Association, 95% of Americans would like to have some kind of unique culinary experience during their travel.  It’s a major factor that influences decisions, and especially strong with millennial travelers.

Anthony Bourdain’s various shows have definitely influenced travelers to think of food as a major focus of travel, and to experience authentic local cuisine.  In other words, no chain restaurants.  This also extends to people who love to cook, taste wine, beer and other spirits and who are active on their travel.

What can you do on a culinary vacation? A tour to a market with a chef or knowledgeable local, take cooking classes, private home meals or tastings.

A travel advisor can recommend the right tours and itineraries, put together a customized trip and even determine the right time to visit a certain destination

Some cruise lines have emphasized their culinary offerings as a way to separate themselves from other lines

Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve tried to choose local options for food.  Some of it has been great, some has been challenging.  I mention my culinary travels to Italy, Central Europe and Japan.

My news segments include the no-sail order from the CDC, and American Airlines' new pre-flight COVID-19 testing.

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