Have you wanted to go on a cruise but haven't tried it yet?  Let me help you figure out what to do when you want to try cruising for the first time.  In this episode of The Sansei Traveler Podcast, I talk about why the vast majority of people haven't tried cruising, and why (even in this era of COVID-19) it's a great time for you to try it, especially if you haven't been on one before

Even with the COVID pandemic, cruise lines have already seen increased bookings for both 2021 and 2022.  That's especially true for river cruising. 

Cruise lines do have their ardent fans, but many others have misconceptions about the health protection and safety of cruising.  Not surprisingly, cruise companies will go above and beyond to ensure public trust and integrity.

In the broadcast, I give you the best cruises to go on for each travel purpose, as well as six ways to prepare for your first cruise.  I also report on several top travel news stories.

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Next week's episode I'll report on two of my favorite active adventure travel companies, Backroads and G Adventures.

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