Through previous posts, I’ve covered nearly all the craft breweries in Golden. Now it’s time to write about the only wine bar in town, Indulge. Bistro and Wine Bar. 

Even with my affinity for wine and becoming more educated about it, I still don’t have expert-level knowledge of wine. I’m beginning to understand food pairings better, but I can improve.  When I’m around a winemaker or sommelier who does this for me, it’s one of my most enjoyable culinary experiences. If it’s just me, it’s hit or miss at best.

I have visited Indulge several times since it opened over fifteen years ago. One thing that makes them unique is their extensive food offerings for dinner. This menu has shortened versions for lunch and happy hour and a separate one for brunch. Of course, there are carefully curated wines – about 60 reds, whites, roses and sparkling varieties – and eight flights of three wines each.  But they also serve those if you’re in a cocktail or mocktail mood.

Here's what you can expect if you go to the wine bar in Golden (there’s another location in the Streets of Southglenn retail center in Littleton)

The irresistible fresh baked bread and salted basil butter


Indulge has two categories of appetizers – “shareables” and salads/soups.  Over a dozen shareables, mostly dishes, pair well with wines. The most unique items are bacon and parmesan brussels sprouts, fried pickles with poblano ranch sauce and ahi tuna guacamole. I would have tried the ahi tuna nachos, but JRS doesn't like raw fish dishes. So, we settled for the fresh baked bread with salted basil butter. Crusty on the outside and tender on the inside, it was completed with perfectly seasoned butter.

The salad and soup options are less innovative than the shareable menu, with standard choices like Greek, Caesar, spinach, and wedge. If you like a meal-type salad, chicken and steak are available. There is a daily soup on the menu. When JRS and I were there, it was French onion soup.

JRS chose chicken sliders, which probably wasn't the best choice. While caramelized onions, aioli and cheddar cheese enhanced the flavor, the chicken was dry and under-seasoned. I helped her finish the pair.

Flatbreads, burgers and entrees

I like the flatbreads at Indulge, of which nine varieties exist. My favorite is Washington Valley, with prosciutto, wine-marinated figs, almonds, and whipped goat cheese with pear, mozzarella, arugula, and balsamic glaze, which I chose for this visit.  I recommend the veggie-only Mediterranean or the Blue Suede Shoes with barbecue chicken and leeks.

When most people go to a wine bar, they don’t think about burgers and sandwiches on the menu, but there are a few noteworthy selections here. I haven’t tried Indulge’s selections, but the Napa Valley, prosciutto fig, southwest and steakhouse burgers look intriguing.  

Like the burger selection, I’ve yet to try entrees here.  It looks straightforward, with simple pasta dishes, grilled or roasted meats and fish.  Two kid-friendly choices include chicken tenders and fish and chips. I’m not sure if there is anything I would try here because the options seem conventional.

The Euro Trip wine flight I tried at Indulge

Wines and cocktails

As a wine bar, Indulge naturally attracts wine lovers. But I always note something for such a place if everyone feels comfortable visiting. Many people feel intimidated by wine and even more so by wine bars, experts, or connoisseurs. Indulge doesn’t feel scary or stuffy. The staff made me feel welcome and at ease. It's a neighborhood kind of place. Also, some menu items had humourous names - always a sign of informality.

One of the fun things about going to a wine bar is trying a flight or several different kinds of wines. I did this on my last visit, where I tried the Euro Trip. The trio included a pinot grigio from Italy, a reserve rouge from France and a tempranillo from Spain. These were fruity, light, and paired well with the prosciutto fig flatbread I chose.

Naturally, if you’re thirsty for something other than wine, you can enjoy an extensive selection of three dozen craft cocktails. While I didn’t try any of them, I’d love to return here sometime to do that. Along with classic drinks like margaritas, Manhattans and martinis, there are some more creative options.