About two years ago, I wrote about the best eateries around Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies. I was deliberate because I don’t think the food at the ballpark is creative or good.

But I realized that my snobbishness was shining through. I’ve been to about a half-dozen other venues around the country, and in my humble opinion, they all have better things to eat. I then discussed with other baseball fans who frequent Coors as I do, and they told me I don’t know what I’m talking about. What about a hot dog from Biker Jim’s? The green chile fries?

Truthfully, I didn’t know these foods existed. And I do have to applaud the ballpark’s efforts to move past the boring Rockie Dog and Dippin’ Dots cup. Since JRS and I are going to at least eight games this upcoming season, I will have to give some of these some consideration. Nope, I haven’t tried these yet, but throughout the season, I plan to. Maybe I will take Coors Field out of the mediocre culinary category and bring it up to the Oracle Park/Chase Field level…maybe.

I will probably write a quick follow-up once I’ve tried all of these items, provided I’m well enough to do that.

The beef empanadas at Coors Field probably look a lot like these (Photo 172404449 | Beef Empanadas © Aleksandr Vorobev | Dreamstime.com)

Beef steak empanadas

As you may have seen from previous posts, I love empanadas. So, I am willing to try the one served at Coors. This one includes steak (not ground beef, which is fine) and is served with a chimichurri aioli, which sounds irresistible on just that alone.  I don’t know how good or bad it will be, but if the local city magazine 5280 recommends it as one of the foods to eat, I will give it a go.

Colorado's version of poutine - green chile cheese fries - at Coors Field (photo courtesy of Purple Row)

Green chile cheese fries

I don’t adhere to the green chile religion that’s common around Colorado and New Mexico. I will enjoy it if it’s served to me, but I won’t go to war over it.  Having said that, I would love to try this creation at the ballpark because it sounds like a southwestern version of poutine, one of my favorite guilty pleasures. It’s made of spicy pork chile, two different cheeses and cheese curds. Give me a pint of beer, and I’ll be happy.

These are some of the innovative hot dogs you can get at Biker Jim's (photo courtesy of Biker Jim's Hot Dogs)

Biker Jim’s hot dogs

This place doesn’t just serve basic beef dogs. If you crave ostrich, elk, wild boar, veal or rattlesnake/rabbit, you’ve come to the right place. The creativity doesn’t stop at the meat, either – you can get innovative toppings like the desert (harissa roasted cactus, Malaysian curry jam, onions and cilantro) or just the “basic” Biker Jim classic (cream cheese and caramelized onions). Their full menu isn’t available at Coors, but if you’d like to try them, their storefront is only a few blocks away.

The irresistible looking summertime dessert, peach chimmie (photo courtesy of 5280 Magazine)

Peach chimmie

On the surface, this sounds like a Mexican-style peach pie. But I love chimis, and this one sounds like a decadent summertime treat. Peaches in a cinnamon sugar mix and whipped cream are wrapped up in a flour tortilla, deep fried until crispy, then topped with syrup and more whipped cream. Pies, tarts, and crumbles are my favorite seasonal desserts. This one will probably join the list.

It looks like a mess, but I really want to try these walking nachos with Doritos (photo courtesy of Colorado Springs Gazette)

Doritos walking nachos

I don’t eat Doritos as much as I did. Right now, along with a bottle of Gatorade, they’re my go-to snack when I ski.  But I consider them a guilty pleasure, so when I attend one of those eight games at Coors, I plan to try this messy but glorious item. How can you go wrong with a nachos made with nuclear orange nacho cheese chips, served right in the original packaging?