This week's episode of The Sansei Traveler Podcast details culinary travel, with my conversation with travel advisor Rhonda Macier Lathen of Culinary Latitudes Travel.  Rhonda is an expert in this travel niche, where you can discover a destination's culture through food discovery.

What does that mean? While people people thing that culinary travel just involves going to local markets or restaurants  (and not American fast food chains),  it's evolved beyond that initial concept.  You can now visit people's homes or estates, where they will prepare and serve you a meal that's representative of the area or region.  You might even get to learn from them through a cooking lesson, preparing your own meal and enjoying it as a reward.

Rhonda and I talk about the following topics:

  • What interested her about culinary travel, and how she defines it
  • What are the current trends
  • Who’s the “typical” culinary traveler
  • How culinary travel can be for everyone
  • What travel companies provide the best culinary travel experiences, both cruises and land
  • How they accommodate special dietary needs and requirements

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