This week's podcast episode comes a few weeks after I said that I would broadcast it.  I was going to let you know about places I visited in Chicago and Los Angeles in the last month. But I've had a lot of personal issues going on with my family, which has prevented me from recording and producing this episode, as well as others.

So, I've decided to focus on my visit to Chicago, which involved seeing a baseball game at Wrigley Field and eating some ballpark food.  I'll also let you know about Bar Sotano, which is one of several Mexican restaurants from Rick Bayless, all located within the same block.  I especially loved the food here, which was innovative and complex and delicious.  It was also a great alternative to my original plan of going to Frontera Grill, which I couldn't get a table at.

This is a short episode, which marks the next phase or season of my podcast.  You'll get shorter episodes about my upcoming travels.  For instance, the next two will be about the all-inclusive resorts that I recently stayed at and toured on the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

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