This week’s Sansei Traveler podcast episode is about the three things my kids and I did in Maui back in May of this year.  I didn’t discuss anything about COVID-19 protocols or restrictions, because what my family and I went through didn’t apply to travel to Hawaii until recently.  Instead, I mentioned the state’s Safe Travels site, which gives you the most updated information on the virus and how to travel to the islands. 

Rather, my focus was on two things we did and one place we ate dinner.  The first was driving on the West Maui North Shore road.  While it was a challenge for my kids, you might enjoy it if you’re on the adventurous side and don’t mind a few harrowing one-lane driving stretches to view some otherworldly scenery.  Here’s a good resource to check it out:

The second activity I’d recommend while you are in Maui is going to Haleakala National Park, which is known for its sunrise spectacle.  It provides incredible views of the island from its 10,000-foot summit and all along the way, as well as great hiking.  Hopefully, you won’t the small insects that bothered my kids:

 Finally, if you’re in the Lahaina area, don’t miss out on Star Noodle (which I called Star Noodle Café in the broadcast – it’s just Star Noodle). It’s probably one of the best noodle houses I’ve been to, with fantastic ramen and local saimin.

On the next episode of the Sansei Traveler, I'll attempt to do my first podcast broadcast on the road, from southern California and Arizona.  Maybe I'll get my husband and younger daughter involved :)

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