In this week’s Sansei Traveler podcast episode, I had a conversation with Mary Grimes, business development manager with American Cruise Lines.  This New England- based company started in 1991, and has grown its business since then.  Their primary destinations are the Mississippi, Columbia and Snake Rivers, the southeastern United States coast, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and New England. Their 13 ships fall into five different classes, either as coastal ships or riverboats, and some are classic paddlewheel ships that look like they’re from the 19th century (with modern touches, of course).

What makes American Cruise Lines appealing is that they will be start sailing this month (March 2021), well before many of the larger, more well-known cruise lines have even given their start dates.  They can do this because their ships are registered in the United States, whereas all other cruise lines have foreign-registered ships that must port in a foreign country.  Cruisers are taking notice and many of their sailings are booking up.

Like many river cruises, American Cruise Lines provides a significantly more intimate cruising experience.  Its largest ships holds 190 passenger maximum.  They’re well known for their spacious staterooms, even the entry-level category, and each has a private balcony.  

Mary and I talked about all of these topics, plus the following:

  • Who is the typical American Cruise Line passenge
  • What is included on a typical cruise itinerary?
  • Do many people who have done ocean cruises consider going with American Cruise Lines?
  • What kind of health and safety protocols are in place for a cruise?
  • What are some of the newest additions to ACL fleet? 

On March 27th, I'll be talking with Julie Quarry, business development manager with UnCruise - another domestic based cruise line that'll be sailing here within the next few months. 

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