In this week’s episode of The Sansei Traveler podcast, I talk with Alicia Kjeldgaard, business development and travel industry manager with Backroads.  They are a California-base company that pioneered active adventure travel, where you can bike, hike, walk and other activities while you see the world.  If there is anything that typifies the ideal trip that I enjoy, a vacation with Backroads is essentially what I would do.  I love to be active and enjoy a bit of culinary exploration and luxury accommodations.

My own sister has been on dozens of Backroads trips, and that is a true testament to their quality as a travel vendor.  They cultivate a loyal following where guests return again and again to explore the world.  I’ve yet to go on one, but that is my plan within the next few years.

As Alicia revealed, Backroads has been leading tours in 2020 for domestic destinations. Naturally, as COVID numbers decrease and the travel restrictions lift, they’ll be returning to more international destinations.  Backroads will also be in a prime position, as they are primarily land travel with a few river and ocean cruise options.  They also now offer Dolce Tempo trips, which go at a slower pace and are ideal for travelers who might be intimidated by constant active travel.

Some of the topics Alicia and I discussed:

  • Backroads’ history
  • Their destinations and types of trips they offer
  • The “typical” Backroads guest
  • What sets Backroads apart from other land travel vendors
  • Backroads partnerships with cruise lines, AmaWaterways and Ponant?
  • How Backroads caters to culinary/wine travelers
  • What are some of the company’s future offerings

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