For this 17th episode of The Sansei Traveler Podcast, I talked with Strategic Account Manager Dan Iacobelli for Royal Caribbean.  One of the more well-known cruise lines, Royal Caribbean is known for its large ships and amazing innovations in the cruising experience.  As a travel advisor, I’ve recommended them more than any other to first-time cruisers because of all the awesome things you can do while you’re on the ship, not to mention the various ports of call around the world.  As a traveler, I’ve enjoyed two Royal cruises with my own family to the eastern Caribbean and Alaska.

One place that Dan and I explore further is Royal Caribbean’s private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay.  I went to CocoCay when it was a pleasant but standard beach resort. With an extensive renovation and new name, the island now has a colorful waterpark, luxury beach club, several large pools and swimming lagoons, various dining options and even tethered balloon ride.  As cruising resumes, cruise line-owned places like Perfect Day at CocoCay will be the focus for a safer travel experience, where they can more easily implement COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Here are some of the topics we discussed over the course of the episode:

  • Why go on a Royal Caribbean cruise
  • How does Royal Caribbean set itself apart from its competition
  • How they come up with their many game-changing innovations
  • Why you don’t have to feel intimidated being on a Royal Caribbean ship, even the biggest ones
  • What’s a Royal Amplification
  • What makes Perfect Day at CocoCay special
  • What health and safety protocols are currently in place
  • What are some promotions or specials that are currently available from Royal, and are there any exclusive to Cruise Planners

Here is the registration link for virtual event that Dan and I mentioned toward the end of the episode:

In the next podcast episode on February 27th,  I'll be talking to Alicia Kjeldgaard, business development manager with Backroads, one of the pioneering active adventure companies with biking, hiking, and multi-sport vacations around the world.  (This episode was postponed from an earlier date)

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