This week's Sansei Traveler podcast episode is with Brandon Oscarson, business development manager at AmaWaterways.  

Ama is one of the leading river cruise lines in the travel industry, and its popularity grows every year.  River cruising in general offers a very different experience than an ocean cruise.  It's more intimate, with only a few hundred passengers maximum. Accommodations are more  luxurious. The ship staff gets to know you more personally.   You'll see land everywhere you go - no endless days at sea - and stop in a port each day, where you'll experience local culture firsthand through carefully curated shore excursions.  Best of all, you'll enjoy gourmet meals and fine local wines and spirits.

Brandon and I talked about some of the following during our conversation:

  • What's AmaWaterways' background?
  • What sets it apart from other river cruise lines? 
  • Why have river cruises become more popular in recent years?
  • What are Ama’s most popular destinations? 
  • What are the highlights of an AmaWaterways cruise?
  • Describe your partnerships with other travel vendors, like Adventures with Disney and Backroads.
  • Why would a family or multi-generational group want to go on an AmaWaterways cruise?

We also have an upcoming virtual event on Wednesday, Jan. 20th, at 5:30 PM Mountain Time, where you can learn more about river cruising in depth, and the chance to sail with me on a river cruise through Provence in October 2021!  Register for it here.

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