My second podcast interview is with Amanda Ward, business development manager with Globus. The company consists of Globus, Cosmos and Monograms, which provide land vacations of different types and budgets. 

I talked with Amanda because in this time of COVID-19, land travel has become a more viable option for people versus cruising, which hasn’t started yet.  She offered some great reasons why you should consider going on a guided land vacation, even if youj’ve never considered one before.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

• What areas of the world does Globus serve?

• How are each of Globus’ brands different from the others?

• What makes a Globus vacation a great value?

• Which destinations have been the most popular?

• How would Globus’ brands best serve the adventure, culinary and wellness traveler?

• Are guided trips really for everyone?

• What is Globus doing to keep guest safe and healthy from COVID-19?

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