Los Angeles is almost a second home to me.  I've visited many times since my siblings went to college there and one of my sisters still lives there.  I went to college myself east of LA, then lived there for six years after graduation

Admittedly, I have a love-hate relationship with LA, because I like it for everything that’s appealing (sunshine, beach, diversity, activity) but hate it for everything that most people also detest (traffic, superficiality, the Dodgers and other sports teams)

I personally couldn’t live there anymore for any reason but I always love to visit, as do my family.

Favorite foods

Chin Chin

Korean BBQ in Koreatown: here are a few - Hae Jang ChonBae KungPark's BBQ

Figaro Bistro

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint


Favorite things to do

The Beach

Getty Museum

Griffith Park

Santa Monica

Malibu Pier 

I mention how safe is air travel in the age of COVID-19.  My next episode will be be released on October 24th - a COVID 19 travel update.

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