After taking about two months off - and  this is the beginning of  Season 2 - I'll be bringing you a series of interviews with travel professionals from around the industry.  

I start this off with Karin Tompkins, travel consultant with InsideJapan Tours in Boulder, Colorado.  InsideJapan develops and leads small group guided, customized and independent tours of the Japan.  I went on one of their tours (J-Pop and Go) with my family, which was a whirlwind tour of country and inspired all of us to return there someday.  I've also recommended and booked with them as a travel advisor, with every client being happy with the services they provided.

Karin and I talk about why travel to Japan has become increasingly popular in recent months, what makes travel to Japan unique and some of the challenges of traveling there, both cultural and practical with COVID-19.

Programming note: The podcast episodes will be coming every two or three weeks now, because of the interviews I'll be conducting over the next few months.

Coming up in the next episode of The Sansei Traveler Podcast, on December 26th:  Amanda Ward, business development manager with Globus.  We'll be talking about the new interest in land tours versus cruising, how there's one for everyone (not just mature travelers) and the best tours for active adventure, culinary and wellness travel.

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