In this week’s Sansei Traveler Podcast, I chat with Julie Quarry, business development manager with UnCruise.  Since I’ve started working as a travel advisor, UnCruise has always been on my radar as a good example of the kind of travel I’d like to recommend to clients.   They provide a memorable active adventure travel experience, sail to destinations that I’d like to see, have unparalleled enrichment opportunities and have great cuisine.

Since 1996, they’ve been pioneers in small-ship cruising.  Starting with one boat and sailing the small harbors and fjords in Alaska, they’ve now grown to nine ships that carry 22 to 86 guests.  Their itineraries now include Hawaii, Baja California, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, the Galapagos Islands, the Pacific Northwest and Columbia and Snake Rivers.  Truly, UnCruise lives up to its name and provides a great alternative to anyone who believes traditional cruises on large ships aren’t for them.  They are increasingly becoming popular with younger travelers and multi-generational family groups.

Julie and I talked about how UnCruise is able to avoid the current cruise ship ban imposed by the Canadian government, which has hampered sailings to Alaska this summer.  Since the company’s ships are registered in the US, they do not have to follow the regulations that the major cruise must do and make a port stop in Canada.  As you’ll find out from the conversation, Julie revealed that UnCruise will start their sailings this May.  We also talked about the following: 

What’s UnCruise’s background or history?

What makes a vacation with UnCruise unique?

Will there be any new destinations in the future?

Who is the typical UnCruise guest?

Expedition cruising seems to be gaining in popularity, and other lines are starting to offer those itineraries.  How does UnCruise set itself apart from its competition?

How does UnCruise appeal to the luxury adventure traveler?

What is UnCruise doing to ensure guests’ health and safety protocols for COVID-19?

This will the last episode for the second season.  I'll be taking a month-long break and planning the next part of this podcast.  

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