After a two month hiatus and some episodes that became outdated before release, episode 22 of The Sansei Traveler Podcast focuses on beer and the best ways to appreciate it.  I spoke with Natalie Jones, the owner and founder of two businesses, Rocky Mountain Brew Runs and Beer Feelings.  Natalie is based in the Denver area and has owned Rocky Mountain Brew Runs since 2020.  She also started beer Beer Feelings shortly afterward.  Both focus on   enjoying beer, especially for those who feel somewhere intimidated by trying it.

Rocky Mountain Beer Runs combines fitness through running events.  Afterwards, participants enjoy beer and even some drinking games.  Beer Feelings is an informational site that helps people learn more about different craft brews.  Natalie also organizes events for her followers.

We talked about the following topics:

  • How did you start Beer Feelings and Rocky Mountain Brew Runs?
  • How do you see craft brews becoming part of the culinary travel trend?
  • What are some places around Colorado that would be great for travel and beer tasting?
  • What are some other areas around the country known for their craft brews?
  • If you can describe it, who’s the typical “beer traveler?”
  • How does someone who enjoys beer find ways to pair it with the right food?
  • How does a beer connoisseur compare to a wine connoisseur?  How is it less intimidating?
  • Where do you like to travel for great brews?

I'll be going back to weekly episodes now.  Next week and in two weeks, I'll record a few short informational episodes about Maui and Las Vegas.  In three weeks, I'll be talking with travel advisor Rhonda Macier Lathen about culinary travel.

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